U02 - WebWSPR:

Installation: Hardware

The installation of the various devices works the same as for all other digital modes, so here are just a few important points discussed.

Computer selection:

Desktop PCs: any Linux computer can be used, probably WebWSPR runs on almost every distrubution.

SBCs (Single Board Computer): tested are: Raspberry PI with Ubuntu or with tinyCore (the prepared image) as well as Odroid C2, XU3 and XU4. The SBC should have 4 cores. A Raspberry 2B works fine, 3B and higher, of course too.

Connecting radios (SETUP page: CAT-mode):


Very modern ICOM transceivers can be directly connected, they have a built-in sound card and USB port. Simply connect an USB cable from the Icom to the computer, and in Setup choose CAT mode: ICOM, and enter the CIV address.

Note: these Icom devices have a setting to operate the PTT via the RTS / DTR line of the built-in USB interface. This setting must be switched OFF otherwise the TRX can go unintentionally on transmission!

Devices without CAT interface:

you select CAT-mode "RTS / DTR" in the setup and connect a USB-serial converter. The RTS or DTR line is switched to + to send. You can connect any Mosfet transistor to pull the PTT line of the transceiver.

In addition, you also need a sound card, such as a cheap USB sound stick where you connect the audio input / output of the transceiver. Settings in the software are not required, the sound card is automatically found and used if it is suitable.

Devices with CAT interface:

you select "Hamlib" in the CAT mode setup, select your transceiver and connect a USB serial converter. A PTT circuit is not required as the PTT is operated via CAT. As above, you also need a soundcard stick.

Sound card:

is always required (except for Icom devices with built-in USB sound card). Cheap USB sticks are suitable. USB sound cards with Line-IN input are better. Expensive luxury USB sound boxes work only if Linux drivers are available, which is not always the case.

Cheap USB sticks have a microphone input that is extremely sensitive. When connecting to a transceiver, it is usually necessary to connect a potentiometer as a voltage divider. Sound cards with Line-IN input can be connected directly.

USB to serial converter:

is always required (except for Icom devices with built-in converter).