U02 - WebWSPR: 

The new WSPR program is running in the home network and InternetWeb

WSPR is a new program for the operating mode WSPR which as a huge fan community worldwide.

WSPR was developed by K1JT, and this mode is built into WSJTX. There are also several other WSPR programs.

WebWSPR differs from traditional programs because it is specially designed for operation on the network and the Internet. 
This functionality is achieved by a "trick":
As a user interface (GUI) WebWSPR uses a web browser, and indeed any modern browser can be used. Thus it runs on "any" operating systems, PC, Tablet, Smartphone, Windows, Linux, Mac ...
The actual work of the WSPR operation is done by a cheap single-board computer (SBC) like Raspberry-PI, Odroid etc ... The requirements for this SBC are very low, even older Raspis are completely sufficient and get back to a meaningful job.
The user interface consists of several websites, the main page looks like this (click to enlarge):

Hardware requirements:

almost any Linux computer. Ideally suited and tested are Raspberry PI and Odroid (virtually all versions). In addition, desktop PCs can be used with most Linux distributions.
Transceivers are connected via USB and (or) sound card, as is usual for digital modes.

Software requirements:

If you are familiar with Raspberry or similar boards, WebWSPR is easy to install by hand, most configurations are automatic.
In order to make WebWSPR available for radio amateurs who do not have Raspi / Linux experience, a ready-to-use image is available. The procedure is:

- Buy a Raspberry PI and an SD card (from 1GB to 32GB)
- download the image and copy it on the SD card (with the usual burning programs)
- Put the prepared SD card into the Raspi
- Connect your transceiver (or sound card and / or serial interface)
- switch on, done.
Then you enter via the web interface your callsign, QTH Locator and a few other things and you can start with WSPR.

Data Sources:

To present the many lists and statistics, WebWSPR processes a large amount of data. In order to protect the central WSPR server wsprnet.org, the data is processed on another dedicated server. No matter how many WebWSPR users are active, there will only ever be one single access to wsprnet.org for all together. This is intended to make a contribution to relieving the valuable resources of wsprnet.org as well as possible.


- WebWSPR is free, open software licensed as usual under GNU
- Free for all radio amateurs worldwide
- the source code is freely accessible
- WebWSPR is a development of the OV U02-Bayerwald, DARC district of Bavaria East, the copyrights are owned by DJ0ABR.
- ever HAM who wants to work on WebWSPR, or wants to use it as a basis for an own projects is invited to do so.

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