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DV4 is a unit capable of handling most digital modes. D-Star, DMR, Echolink, PSK31, WSPR, RTTY

Block Diagram



The DV4 consists of a base board which contains all parts needed for digital voice operation, as well as a 70cm transceiver, a microphone amplifier and an audio speaker amplifier.

Plugged into this board is a Raspberry PI 2 Mod. B or Odroid C1 and the modules for sound and WLAN.

Using the integrated 1.8 TFT Display and a high quality optical selector knob one can adjust all settings needed for D-Star and DMR operation. This means that both digital voice modes via HF or Internet is possible with the DV4.

If one wants to operate modes such as PSK for example, it is possible to also connect a keyboard, mouse and HDMI display. (full HDMI is supported).

In addition to the Radio operating modes the DV4 can also be utilized to surf the Internet. You can enjoy videos (e.g. YouTube), write emails etc. Basically one can do just about everything a PC can do.

The Operating System (image on a SD card) is preconfigured, eliminating the users need to install the software. (however the user can install his/her own software if needed).
This image is available either on a 16MB Micro SD card or downloadable from a fast server at no cost.