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Digital-Voice, Software Interfaces

this page is left in English language since it addesses programmers only.

Commands to the DV4 main process:

send an UDP message to the DV4 IP address port 13900.


0x6e ... DV4 mein process
xx ....... function code (one byte)
yy ....... parameters (one or more bytes)

function codes:

0 simulate the rotary encoder and PTT button
1 Remote control command
2 roger beep
5 insert a D-Star data stream

function code 0 (1 parameter byte):

0x01 ... turn one step right (increase speaker volume)
0x02 ... turn one step left (decrease speaker volume)
0x03 ... button pressed
0x04 ... button released after a short (<1s) press
0x05 ... button released after a long (>=1s) press
0x06 ... PTT pushed
0x07 ... PTT released

To increase the loudness of the speaker send to UDP-Port 13900: 0x6e, 0, 1, 1
to switch to TX mode send : 0x6e, 0, 1, 6

function code 1 (parameter bytes see the following table):

xx (Command Code) Command Description yy (Parameter) Function
0x00 set OpMode 0x01 Hotspot
    0x04 Transceiver Mode
    0x05 Internet Dongle Mode
    0x06 Conference Mode (mix of mode 1 and 2)
0x01 set speaker volume 0..99 % value 0=silence 99=max
0x02 set microphone sensivity 0..99 % value 0=silence 99=max
0x03 RX QRG 4 bytes QRG in Hz, MSB first
0x04 Duplex Offset 4 bytes Offset in Hz, MSB first (possible range: -10.000.000 to +10.000.000)
0x05 TXinverse 0x00 normal (for ext. TRX only)
    0x01 inverse (for ext. TRX only)
0x06 TXlevel 0..99 % value 0=min 99=max (for ext. TRX only)
0x07 TXpower 0x00 low power (for internal 70cm TRX only)
    0x01 high power (for internal 70cm TRX only)
0x08 TXdelay 0..255 delay in ms
0x09 DCS server 0..255 0=disconnect >0=connect to DCS server
0x0a DCS channel 'A' .. 'Z' select channel on DCS server
0x0b CCS on/off 0x00 CCS off
    0x01 CCS on
0x0c select language 0x00 English
    0x01 German
0x0d Display Style 0x00 graphical display
    0x01 simple text display for mobile operation
0x0e Repeater Call 6-digit callsign callsign of this system in hotspot mode
0x0f MYCALL 6-digit callsign my user callsign
0x10 URCALL "CQCQCQ" or a callsign for CCS direct callsign routing
0x11 DV mode 0x00 D-Star
    0x01 DMR
    0x02 Fusion
    0x03 D-Star via Hamnet
    0x04 DMR via Hamnet
0x12 Shutdown --- no parameter. Shutdown DV4 system.
0x13 TX on/off 0x00 switch internal transmitter OFF
    0x01 switch internal transmitter ON


function code 2 (1 parameter byte):

parameter = 0 ... send beep after the default delay to the transmitter
1 - 255 ... send beep after nx100 milliseconds delay to the transmitter

function code 5:

first parameter byte = 1 ... D-Star Voice frame follows
parameter 2-13 ... 13 voice+slowdata D-Star bytes

upon receiving this data the DV4 will route them to the internal speaker and/or to the DCS reflector depending on the selected operation mode. This mode can be used to insert D-Star data from an external FM-Receiver.
Example: 0x6e, 5, 1, 12 AMBE+slow data bytes

first parameter byte = 2 ... D-Star Voice frame follows
as above, but the following bytes contain a D-Star header (83 bytes)


Insert AMBE voice data:

Destination port: 13900

message length: 11

0x61 ... DV4 PCM address code
0x02 ... PCM sound data
9-byte ... AMBE data (D-Star formatted)

for a continous playback this data frame must be repeated every 20ms.

The voice will be sent to a connected reflector, to the integrated 70cm transceiver and to the speaker, depending on the selected operation mode.


Playback of a pre-recorded message in AMBE D-Star format.


Convert PCM data into D-Star AMBE data:

Input format: 16 bit (little engine) PCM data sampled with 8000 samples/s (1 sample = 16 bit)
Output format: AMBE D-Star data, 9 bytes every 20ms

For a continous data stream the input PCM data have to be delivered as 320 byte (160 samples) packets every 20ms.

Destination port: 13910


TODO ....



Convert D-Star AMBE data into PCM data:

Input format: AMBE D-Star data, 9 bytes every 20ms
Output format: 16 bit (little engine) PCM data with 8000 samples/s. 160 samples (1 sample = 16 bit) are delivered every 20ms.

Destination port: 13910


TODO ....