U02 - WebWSPR:


finished image for the Raspberry PI (requires quad-core, i.e. Raspberry PI Version 2B or higher):

Standard-Raspian Image:     DOWNLOAD (Version 2.35 / Mar 15, 2019) (all Raspis, including NOT 3B+)

Tiny Core Image:    DOWNLOAD (Version 2.35 / Mar 15, 2019) (all Raspis, but NOT 3B+)

Steps to install:

  1. Download the image and unzip

  2. burn to an SD card (1GB is enough, max 32GB)

  3. put in the Raspi and turn on

  4. the Raspi boots into a console, without graphical interface, NO manual operation is necessary! (No monitor, keyboard or mouse required)

  5. determine the IP address of the Raspi, either by looking in the internet router or Raspi by entering: ifconfig

  6. Open a browser on any computer in the home network and enter the IP address of the Raspis as the web address

  7. The SETUP window is displayed, enter the password: abcd and at least the callsign and QTHlocator and press SAVE config

  8. Switch to the RX / TX QRG window and mark at least one RX band, best also set a TX band and the interval to e.g. 10min, enter the password: abcd and press SAVE SETTINGS

  9. Now go to the WebWSPR window and (if devices are connected) watch the WSPR operation.

Technical information about the Tiny Core image:

the image is based on the tinyCore Linux distribution. 

It takes almost no resources, only little memory and runs completely in RAM (except when booting, which is done from SD card). 

The SD card is only written after changes in the SETUP menu for about 2s, please do not turn off during this time. Otherwise there are no write operations, you do not need to "shut down", just unplug.

Login into the tinyCore system (ssh is activated):

Username: tc
Password: piCore

Technical information about the Standard Raspian image:

- before removing the power supply: shutdown 

Username: pi
Password: pi

Source code for installation on any Linux computer (minimum quad core recommended):

the source code is on Github, looking for dj0abr / WebWSPR

For installation instructions, see HERE.

In addition to the code, there are several scripts that can help with the installation:

install_odroid_autostart ... run as root. It adds an entry to /etc/rc.local to automatically start WebWSPR immediately after booting. Runs on Odroid SBCs.

install_tc ... copies a minimal selection of files that are absolutely needed, in this case for tinyCore. The whole program must have been previously compiled for the target computer, e.g. compiled on Raspbian, then it is executable on Raspi-tinyCore (IP address of the target computer has to be adjusted!)

raspi_prepare ... Installs the required libraries on a raspi. It may need to be adjusted for other SBCs

startwspr ... lets WebWSPR run in an infinite loop. To use all features of WebWSPR this is the preferred launch method.

startwspr_tiny ... as above, but for tinyCore on Respberry PI

libgd.s0.3.0.4 ... graphics library for ARM. This library is missing from tinyCore and is therefore kept here. Not required for other systems.